DIY Home Automation for Your Security System

Many Orlando homeowners are looking to DIY home automation options for more convenient control of their home security systems and other features. A DIY job like this can be a great and rewarding experience, and with the proper research, it can even safe you money. Unfortunately, there is only so far that DIY can take you before you need professional help with installation and products, but here we will hopefully be able to give you some great ideas as to how to get started with your own set of tools. Let’s take a look at some of the great ways that home automation can benefit your home’s security and comfort.

Temperature Control

Household energy usage meter 186796121Modern automated thermostats are becoming increasingly popular because of their numerous benefits to homeowners and their homes. Keeping an eye on the temperatures in your living space can ensure that your valuables aren’t damaged and that your wine collection isn’t spoiled. It can also prevent pets from suffering through unhealthy heat levels while you’re away, and it can alert you to temperature drops that are maybe abnormal for Orlando’s usually sunny climate. Many of these smart thermostats are also capable of monitoring humidity levels and adjusting temperatures accordingly to compensate in what way they can. They are also becoming increasingly attuned to energy usage, enabling them to adjust in-home temperatures while you’re away to energy-saving levels until you return.

Automatic Locks

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you didn’t have ten keys on your hip to worry about losing? One great advantage of home automation is the option of automated locks. 459838_35454449This prevents potential break-ins due to lost keys or thoughtlessly placing keys in easy-to-reach places. Many doors can now be outfitted with keypads or automatic locks that respond to either a remote or a code typed into your smart phone app. Some of these devices even come with automatic door openers that can be attached to the top of the door so that when the code is received, the door not only unlocks, but also opens to welcome you home. Aside from their incredible convenience, these kinds of locks are also much more difficult to pick for potential burglars. And most keypads these days come outfitted with security measures that sound alarms when tampering is detected.

Lighting Control

How wonderful would it be if all you had to do was walk into your home in order for the lights turn on? You could even press a button and it would trigger a specific lighting setting, say for a movie night or a romantic dinner. While that may all sound like a great life of ease, automatic lighting can also prove to be a great burglar deterrent and keep your home safer. Motion sensing lights near the entries of your home can not only help you feel safer when walking in your door at night, but they will also scare off intruders who would prefer to stick to shady places as they sneak inside.

Remote Access

Remote access is possibly one of the best things about automated security systems. From one device, you can control, arm, disarm, and check in on all of your home’s defenses and security measures without even being on your property. You can receive real-time notifications whenever unwanted guests are detected, and you can check in on kids through your surveillance feed if you want to make sure they aren’t up to trouble or that they’ve made it home safely.

All of these amazing features can be yours, and yes, even with your own DIY automated security system. If you have questions or would like to speak with a professional about your options, call 866-565-4305.